Jagged Alliance Online is a free to play, turn-based tactical MMORPG that combines tactics, management, strategy and RPG-Elements. Jagged Alliance Online brings classic turn-based strategy games back to life, and is a fitting successor to the Jagged Alliance series. Lead your outfit to become one of the greatest mercenary companies in the world. Take on challenging contracts around the globe and perfect your skills in exciting PvP duels. With great modern graphics, the well known Jagged Alliance game mechanics, and more than 80 challenging missions with proven AI, this is turn-based strategy at its best. If you love classic turn based strategy, modern combat, and the convenience of a browser game, look no further.

Jagged Alliance Online Key Features

Diverse Mercenaries - Take control of more than 60 different types of mercenaries, each with unique skills and strengths. Build the perfect force for the mission at hand, and fight your way to your objective!

Wide, Wide World - More than 100 different missions, in all corners of the world, await you. From urban jungles to faraway wilderness, each mission and location will demand the correct tactics and personnel.

Top-Notch Graphics - Jagged Alliance Online offers an immersive experience! Enjoy brilliant graphics powered by Unity, and the convenience of a game you can play anytime, anywhere.