JCB Pioneer: Mars is a futuristic survival sandbox which lets players explore and colonize Mars using rugged vehicles specially designed for the task. It falls to you and these special JCB vehicles to prepare Mars for human colonization, and that is no easy task. You must mine materials, construct buildings and facilities, and research new technologies to ensure humanity's future lies beyond planet Earth. Work together with other pioneers to build even better bases and earn special rewards. The Red Planet will not be gentle; the environment is harsh, the work is hard, and danger lurks everywhere. Can you overcome all of these obstacles and lead the way as mankind steps further into the future?

JCB Pioneer: Mars Key Features

Survive And Create - A hardcore blend of survival and construction gameplay awaits. Endure hardships and dangers as you change the fate of mankind.

Build And Progress - Mine new resources, construct buildings and research new technology to grow your colony.

Beautiful Graphics - The power of Unreal Engine 4 provides players and ultra-realistic, breath-taking planetary experience

Realistic Space Exploration - Traverse Mars using highly futuristic heavy-duty construction and mining vehicles designed by real-life JCB Engineers!

Environmental Dangers - Overcome everything the hostile environment throws at you, including meteor strikes,dust clouds, and electrical storms.