Jeklynn Heights is a third person action combat MMO with an emphasis on fun, light-hearted competition and gameplay. The game takes place in a corrupt and bizarre town run by a Mayor with a split personality and enigmatic past. Players must complete objectives, directed by the Mayor, to win a competition and escape the town. There are two teams in Jeklynn Heights - the rich and the poor. At the beginning of the match, the Mayor introduces himself and calls out the first event. Events are mini-objectives which last a few minutes each, and which range from capturing points and killing targets to collecting items or stealing from the other team. The first team to win 5 events wins the match, and is allowed to leave the town!

NOTE: As of January 2018, this game is still available, but seems to have been abandoned by the developers.

Jeklynn Heights Key Features

Melee And Ranged Combat - Every character has a range of melee and ranged attacks, blocks, and special moves to use. Use well timed attacks, blocks, dash attacks, and more to win!

Complete Random Events - You never know what sort of challenges the Mayor will demand next; to escape from Jeklynn Heights, you will need to be smart, fast, and resourceful.

Quick Matches - Events are designed to be quick and fun, and perfect for people who like lighthearted games without long waits in matchfinding queues.