Jiuzhou Glory is a free to play mobile strategy MMORPG based in classic Chinese Wuxia fiction and featuring high flying action, unforgettable characters, and much more. Enter a world of ancient cities and towering mountains, of vast forests and battles for honor and glory. Choose your character and get into all of the action, adventure, and romance that Jiuzhou Glory has to offer, and save the world from demons and darkness. Explore and adventure while learning the world's story and powering up your character. Team up with other players to take on the toughest world bosses. Meet and play alongside loads of other players from around the world, from PvP to romantic engagements. If you like mobile games and classic Wuxia fantasy, Jiuzhou Glory might be the game for you.

Jiuzhou Glory Key Features

Four Different Classes - Choose to be a Warrior, Wizard, Summoner, or Healer, and get ready to save the world! Each class has unique strengths and weaknesses which will guide them through the world and its adventures.

Fight Against The Darkness - Battle against demons and monsters and save the world. Your loyal pet and your faithful mount will fight at your side, so you need never fight alone. Throw back the demons and return light to the land.

Play Together - Team up with other players to take on the fiercest world bosses. Fight alongside friends and against enemies in PvP battles. Hang out and chat, or even meet that special someone! An MMO is, after all, a massively multiplayer game.