Journey to the West International is a fast-paced 3D MMORPG orient Fantasy free-to-play game developed by Xiao You and published by Cubizone. The game is based on a well known eastern mythical storyline, and features a unique psyche combat system. Players can learn the art of 72 transformations, Each with their own set of unique skills. Acquire different charms to build their own character attributes, and obtain different Psyche skills to conquer the battlefield. The game has four different characters to choose from: Naga, Netherease, Kitsune, and Asura.

Journey to the West International Key Features:

Psyche System - During battle, players can morph into different forms to make them more efficient in combat. As the character becomes stronger, more and more transformations are made available.

Instances - In order for you to craft weapons, accessories, and armor sets, you'll need to farm the ingredients from instances.

Living Skills - There are different Living skills that benefit you and your respective alliance by producing resources and supplements. There are currently 4 kinds of Living skills: Herbalism, Lumbering, Culinary,and Fishing.

72 Transformations - One of the most compelling features of Journey to the west is the 72 Transformation system. Aside from Psyche transformations, players can also transform into into different bosses and obtain their skills.