Jump Tanks is a online multiplayer combat shooter where it's us-versus-them until the battlefield is littered with broken machines. Prepare for explosive, frenetic matches where you'll dodge rockets and pounce from rooftops through storms of bullets. Dash and bound through vibrant battlefields in your 20 ft tall custom built tanks. Battle it out in 5 vs 5 battles that are equal parts skill, tank customization and team work. Build the perfect battalion of 3 tanks based on your play style by choosing each tanks pilot, chassis, gun, legs, shield and up to four additional attachments such as radar jammers, hover drives, x-ray scanners, floating gun pods and many more.

Jump Tanks re-imagines the feeling of heart pounding action found in classic Japanese shooters. Dodge and weave through incoming laser blasts and mortar shots while returning your own volleys of attacks. Use the shields on the front of the tanks to block attacks and wait for just the right moment to raise it and blast your opponent into shrapnel. Leap from 90 story buildings and perform a jump crush attack on unsuspecting foes below. Out maneuver barrages of heat-seeking missiles while you charge up your cannon and get ready to release your own personal bullet hell.

Jump Tanks Key Features

Every Battle Is Personal - Coordinating with your teammates is crucial to gain an edge over your opponents. Stick close to your ally to earn a special buff. Avoid your rival, who has an advantage over you.

Build Your Battalion - Customize three different tanks to take into battle. Don’t like your gun? Pick a new one. Need another jump to get the drop on the enemy? Swap in different legs. Millions of custom tank builds await you.

Drop-In, Drop-Out Gameplay - You can fight in a match when you can, and you can leave when you need to. Jump Tanks is made for casual players!