Jumpgate: The Reconstruction Initiative, also known simply as Jumpgate, is a science fiction MMORPG with gameplay focusing on space travel and exploration. You travel through space using Jumpgates, the mechanic the game is named for, to travel from sector to sector. In these sectors you can find stations, asteroids, and much more. Players can even construct and administer their own space stations! You decide how to make your living among the stars; by mining the rich asteroids, by trading on the market, or by combat against profitable enemies. Explore space alone or in the company of others, and go where the stars may guide you!

Note that Jumpgate Evolution, the intended sequel to this game, never made it past the planning stage, and all development on that game was halted in 2011.

Jumpgate: The Reconstruction Initiative Key Features

Choose Your Faction - There are five different factions in the universe, three of which players may play; Solrain, Quantar, and Octavius. The non-playable factions are Hyperial and Amananth. Each has its own unique lore and story.

Explore Deep Space - Travel from sector to sector, seeking out wealth and excitement. Some sectors will have stations and planets which you can dock with, others may have valuable asteroids to mine. Who knows what is through the next gate?

Do What You Will - The universe lies before you, and you are free to choose your own path. Players can pursue careers in trade, industry, and combat, all of which can help you earn wealth and fame.

Modify. Improve. Customize. - Spend that hard-earned wealth to upgrade and customize your starship. New weapons, shield systems, engines, and many other modifications can give you the advantages you need.