Jungle Wars is a browser based free to play strategy game with an unique premise; you are the chief of a tribal village in the middle of an endless jungle! You must take on the responsibility of leading your people into prosperity. Decide what structures to build, and where, as your village grows and expands. Defend your village from hostile enemies who would eagerly harm your people and steal your resources. Build up your own army and head into war against enemy tribes, further strengthening your position and your village! One thing is for certain - being chief is no job for the faint-hearted or foolish. Are you up to the task?

Jungle Wars Key Features

Build Your Village - You must build and expand the village to meet your peoples' changing needs. Farms for food, walls and traps for defenses, and many more structures must be built and carefully placed. Where you place something is as important as what you choose to build, so plan wisely.

Amass Your Forces - Build and train a powerful army of warriors to defend your village against those who would do you harm. Or, if you're feeling warlike, strike out to attack your enemies, and enrich your people at your enemies' expense! The best war is the one you win quickly and decisively, after all.

Please The Gods - Build and protect a totem! Your totem gives you access to new and more powerful advancements. Protect it at all costs; losing it means you lose the war! Altars produce mana, and let you construct new buildings and defenses. Both are critical to your success!