Just Fishing is a free to play MMO fishing simulation game with stunning graphics, realistic fish behavior and physics, and dozens of beautiful locations. Outfit your avatar with a wide array of fishing equipment and gear and get out on the water. Match wits against not only the fish, but also against the time of day, season, weather conditions, and loads of other variables that can impact fishing. Just Fishing is a social game; chat with other players about fishing, join a team, or even fish in tournaments for prizes. Just Fishing delivers a realistic and relaxing fishing experience to enjoy with friends all over the world, without ever leaving the house.

Just Fishing Key Features

Hundreds Of Species - Fish for hundreds of different fish species from all over the world. In fresh or salt water, small fish and large wait to match wits with fisherman.

Diverse Locations - Enjoy dozens of beautiful fishing locations all over the world, from small secluded ponds to the deepest blue seas. Realistic weather and day/night cycles enhance the experience.

Realistic Physics - Fish and fishing tackle behave as they should. You must guard the angle of your rod and stress on the line carefully if you wish to land a lunker!

MMO Experience - Complete interesting quests for fun and rewards. Join fishing teams with friends, and talk fishing. Compete in tournaments, and climb the ranks. Just Fishing offers loads to do.