Just Survive, formerly known as H1Z1 and H1Z1: Just Survive, began life as a zombie survival MMO set in a post-apocalyptic world where thousands of players must strategically align with friends and against enemies in order to survive the worldwide infection. Enter a world overrun by zombies and fellow survivors since the outbreak. This is the Apocalypse! Fight for your life against the infected and the brutality of others as you attempt to live and see another day. Every moment is borrowed time with one question to answer: Will you survive?

Just Survive Key Features

Intelligent Undead - Just Survive's zombies are equipped with emergent AI making each encounter as unpredictable as the last. The undead hunger!

Base Building - Build yourself a defensible base to protect yourself from the elements, your enemies, and of course the undead. Group up with friends to create heavily fortified structures and pool your resources. Scout locations carefully; every position has advantages and disadvantages.

Weapons - Scavenge the wasteland to equip yourself with axes, bows, guns, explosives and more to help you survive.

Vehicles - Sometimes you'll find a car, truck, ATV, or even a police cruiser that is still salvageable. These may take a lot to repair and maintain, but they offer multi-passenger transportation, the ability to efficiently scan a larger area, as well as an additional way to mow down opponents, be they undead... or otherwise.

Crafting - Just about everything that can be scavenged can also be used to make something useful. Make tools, weapons, traps, water collectors, explosives, shelters, and so much more!