"Justice Online" also known as "Justice" is in that bracket of games that are massively popular in one area of the world and practically unheard of on the other side. In China, where it is known as 逆水寒, it retains its position as one of the most popular AAA MMORPGs, in no small part thanks to its stunningly beautiful graphics.

Released by Netease in 2018, Justice Online offers all the goodness of MMORPGs that players have come to expect: a gigantic open world, dungeons, raids, PvP, and questing. Currently available only in East Asia, audiences in Europe, Africa, and the Americas have been dying to see a regional release. More news about Justice Online can also be found by searching its alternative overseas name, "Treacherous Waters" (or "Treacherous Waters Online").

It was based upon the Wuxia novel, The Four Great Constables (四大名捕). This facilitates a compelling level of storytelling with NPCs that feel like living breathing people, each with their own agendas and backstories. It can be enjoyed in either 2.5D or 3D. And a mobile iteration has recently received limited release at time of writing.

Justice Online Key Features

Wuxia Style - Wuxia literally translates to "Martial Vigilante" and it is an iconic style that can be seen throughout Chinese literature over the last one-hundred years. Full of character and beauty, it's unsurprising why so many eyes are drawn to the genre.

Beautiful World - Even for fans who are not infatuated by a Wuxia setting, the stunning graphics of Justice are enough to get many a European gamer asking "Can I play Justice Online in the west?" The answer is (apparently) yes, though doing so is complicated.

Martial Arts MMO - At launch, the game offered six different characters all with different semi-realistic martial arts fighting types that bring their own unique styles to the adventures and combat that awaits. There are street brawls, massive PvP wars, and epic PvE battles.