Kakele is a classic 2D MMORPG based on other games the developers played, like Tibia, WoW and Runescape. They tried to gather the best game experience from these titles in a single game. In Kakele you spend your time fighting monsters, exploring the world, finding treasure chests, making alliances or declaring wars against others. A game trivia: people don't usually pronounce the game name right. The last letter, e, should be the strongest one, just like in 'Pelé', the best football player of all time! Explore the world of Kakele, and see how good a 2D MMORPG can truly be!

Kakele Key Features

Diverse Classes - Choose from Alchemist, Berserker, Hunter, Mage, Warrior. Be who you want to be!

Wide Wide World - With several main locations, including Kebelessa, Farfar Islands, Muroria, Choia, Dragonia, Vulcana, Salvior, Jarathorn, Liopos and Dri.

Adventure Awaits - Dozens of quests that take players all over Kakele. Explore the width and breadth of this place!

Magic And Mystery - Dozens of spells that may be cast with either mana or health.

Interact With NPCs - Receive quests from, and buy, sell, and trade items and spells.

Lightweight Game Client - Browser play that won’t bog down your computer. Play anytime, anywhere!