Kapi Regnum is a free to play browser-based strategy game where you lead a medieval society from humble beginnings to the heights of prosperity. You begin as a commoner, a low-born villein, but you're determined that you shall not remain so; fortune awaits! Build your own village and direct it to become an economic powerhouse. Decide what sorts of buildings you wish to construct, and where. Decide which products you wish to produce for export. Engage in trade with your fellow players, and watch as coins flow into your coffers. It takes a shrewd mind to go from commoner to king; are you up for the challenge?

Kapi Regnum Key Features

Build Your Village - Your little village depends on you to grow. Decide which buildings to build next, and what projects to focus on. As your city grows, new opportunities will arise; be sure to capitalize on them!

Produce And Trade - You will produce goods and items which you can trade, gaining more resources to keep growing. Trade with other players can be mutually beneficial if carefully managed.

Anytime, Anywhere - Browser-based gameplay is perfect for people with little free time. You can log in from any computer's browser and play for a few minutes from virtually anywhere.