Karos Returns is a free to play fantasy MMORPG by set in a world of four warring races, badly in need of leaders and heroes. Players take up arms for their guild and for their nation to battle for land, resources, and victory. Choose from four races (Human, Shadow, Seroine, and Vaneese Human) and seven classes (Mystic, Bow Mistress, Blader, Paladin, Rogue, Sorceress, and Gunner), then gain experience to grow into an advanced class, and Harvest the mysterious Fletta from both monsters and Players to improve abilities to astounding levels!

Karos Returns Key Features

Customize Your Character - Tailor your character to perfectly match your skills and playstyle. Then, use your skills and prove yourself on the Global battlefield.

Fight For Your Side - Take up arms for your guild, and nation to battle for control of lands, precious resources, and the thrill of victory!

The Victor Takes The Spoils - Earn reputation in daily PvP battles and Guild Warfare! Fight your strongest enemies in weekly Castle Sieges! Play the deadly cat and mouse game of global control!

Open World - Explore the boundless lands of Asmara, Fight off Bandit Ambushes, and Gather your Horde in Open World PVP.

Do, Do Not Say - Actions speak louder than words with the Karos Returns Morality system. Become a Hero or Villain of the Realm through your actions alone.