Keepers of the Rift is a browser-based fantasy MMORPG where a prophecy tells of heroes who will rise and face down a coming darkness, and you are one of those heroes! An army of demons and darkness is about to break through the barrier between worlds and destroy all life in the land of Incuria. In this fight, only sound tactical planning will lead to victory; those who rush in will quickly be devoured by demons. Choose your class and set off to save the world. The land is vast, the demons are legion, and the dangers are endless. Featuring classic 2.5D browser graphics and the typical Asian browser MMO model, Keepers of the Rift is a game for fans of browser MMORPGs everywhere.

Keepers Of The Rift Key Features

Create Your Hero - Choose your favorite class: Warrior, Knight, Priest, Engineer, Bard or Hunter, each one with unique skills and strengths. You can then further customize your character by use of a talent system, and create a character who is truly yours.

Save The World - Venture across the length and breadth of Incuria, but beware; monsters may attack you at any time! You cannot complete quests nor defeat bosses in Auto Battle mode either; no fight is every a sure thing!

Never Adventure Alone - A pet system allows you to travel in the company of faithful companions. A guild system delivers special rewards to its members, as well as a way for friends to socialize. There are even special events that take teamwork to complete!