Khan Wars is a free to play, browser-based grand strategy game set in a dynamic Medieval world loosely based on historic central Asia and Europe. Offering round-based gameplay that is approachable for all, Khan Wars provides a competitive strategy game that delivers both in-depth tactical combat and an immersive, vibrant world. Construct your fortress and choose your buildings and defenses. Recruit forces and soldiers and build a powerful army. Trade with other players, or wage war against them; the world lies open before you. Khan Wars is a browser game experience enjoyed by millions worldwide; can you secure a place among them?

Khan Wars Key Features

Create An Empire - Build your kingdom block by block, deciding which structures and fortifications you want, and where. Then, grow; by trade, by diplomacy, or by the sword. History does not remember those who are idle!

Build An Army - Recruit troops and units to build a powerful fighting force; sooner or later, you will need them. Be prepared to lead them into battle, and train for that day.

Trade And Grow - Trade and form diplomatic relations with other players. Alliances can be beneficial to both parties, and are far less costly than war.

Prepare To Fight - Sooner or later, whether you start the war or someone else does, war will come callings. Ride your enemies down like grass, whether you are aggressor or defender, and win glory, wealth, and fame!

A Game For All - Khan Wars is a game for players of all skill levels, new and old. New players will be guided by the game, and learn as they go. Round-based competitions give everyone a chance to win glory!