Kill Strain is a top down, twin-stick action shooter for the PlayStation 4 that pits three teams against one another in fierce arena battles. With an unusual and innovative 5v5v2 gameplay model, two teams of five players fight to contain - and control - a mysterious and powerful energy source called "The Strain" which has recently been discovered in research facilities. The human players are not alone in these places, however; two additional players take on the role of powerful mutants. These mutants have special powerful abilities when they are in contact with "The Strain", and as they fight against the human teams, they spread "The Strain" further afield, turning humans into monsters and bolstering their forces. Can you fight through to victory, or will you fall victim and become just another monster?

Kill Strain Key Features

Inventive 5v5v2 Gameplay - Two teams of 5 humans and one team of 2 mutants fight a three way battle for control of the field!

Turn Humans To Mutants - A turning mechanic allows mutants to turn humans into more mutants, balancing the odds and even tipping them in their favor

Free To Play - Kill Strain is free to download and play, but contains no pay to win mechanics, not now, not ever

Diverse Characters - Select from a wide array of mercenaries and mutants, each with strengths, weaknesses, and unique progression paths.

Character Progression - Tailor the technical components of human characters and the biological abilities of mutants to build the character you want!

High Replayability - The “turning” mechanic delivers players a fresh experience every round. In addition, Kill Strain will also roll out new content for players to upgrade their characters, new maps, and more on a regular basis!