Kinderdragons is a free to play Facebook-based fantasy MMO that presents a calm and relaxing gaming experience featuring management, combat, and puzzle gameplay elements. Players are put in charge of a set of magical floating islands, and in turn are tasked with developing the area into a suitable habitat for dragons. At the core of the game is a dragon breeding system, allowing players to combine their favorite dragons to create new ones. These new dragons inherit traits from their parents; combining a water dragon with a fire dragon with result in a new breed: the cloud dragon. These dragons can then be trained, and entered in various challenges and competitions. Come visit, and start raising your own dragons today!

Kinderdragons Key Features

Breed Dragons - Mix and match your dragons, and they just might have babies and make a whole new sort of dragon! They might get abilities from both parents.

House Dragons - Customize your floating islands and make an ideal home for your dragons. They have very special needs; can you take proper care of them?

Train Dragons - Train your dragons and help them grow strong and swift. You can then enter your dragons in competitions. Can you raise and train the best dragons?