King of Kings 3: Divine Rebirth is a free-to-play 3D Fantasy MMORPG that features amazing Player vs. Player (PvP) and Realm vs. Realm (RvR) combat, with cutting edge Clan War functionality. In King of Kings 3 players begin by choosing from one of 3 traditional classes: the Warrior, Mage or Cleric, but after progressing to level 50 and beyond are free to choose additional classes, such as the Berserker, Sword Mage, Bishop and many more.

King of Kings 3: Divine Rebirth is a high quality online role-playing game with an emphasis on PvP and RvR. Discover a medieval fantasy world, splintered into seven unstable enemy realms after many long years of bitter war. Join one of these realms and create your own destiny. Found a guild with your friends and wage bitter war against other guilds. With your legions by your side, you can create a kingdom of your own. Conquer enemy armies to become the King of Kings!

King of Kings 3: Divine Rebirth Key Features

Multi-level, dynamic guild system – You start as a young lone warrior, but soon get the chance to band together with other to form an alliance. By rising to the daily challenges, your guild can thrive and prosper and be expanded to a legion. The stronger and larger your alliance grows, the more advantages and amenities it can offer its members. Once you have grown powerful enough and have learned to hold your own in battle, nothing can stand between you and the crown: become ruler of your own kingdom and secure your place in history.

Housing and town building – Discover your inner architect! Design your own home and build it up from a simple log house to a sprawling villa. Build a fortress for your legion and an impressive capital city for your kingdom, tailor-made and built up with a variety of functional and decorative buildings. Houses and towns can also level up and be improved to offer higher bonuses.

PvP with conquerable towns – Be it duels, spontaneous skirmishes, regularly-held events and battlegrounds or an all-out declaration of war on other kingdoms and attacks on their towns... King of Kings 3 has everything a PvP fan could wish for! Your efforts will also not go unnoticed: Look for your name at the top of the ranking lists. Collect titles that will bring not just fame and glory, but also increased buffs. Strengthen your kingdom and increase your fortune. Teach your enemies the true meaning of fear and prove that you are worthy of the title King of Kings!

Flexibility and depth – King of Kings doesn't just offer a wealth of features, but also has a depth never seen before in a game of this type. The detailed and elaborate game elements form a complex and multi-faceted world that - unlike in most other RPGs - is not static but rather can be changed by the player's choices.