King of Wushu is a new action free-to-play Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game developed by Snail Games for the PC PS 4 and Xbox One. Announced as a sequel to Age of Wushu, this game will feature five-on-five matches consisting of traditional MOBA mechanics, where players defend their base while attempting to destroy their opponents'. Unlike its MOBA counterparts, King of Wushu is experienced through a third-person perspective akin to action games such as Dynasty Warriors and Sengoku Basara. Here, the players are able to use combo attacks, dodge, jump, and cleave through enemy creeps easily. The main goal of this game is to win against all enemies on arena and to become a King of Wushu!

King of Wushu Key Features

5v5 Battles - this feature is perfectly suit you if you are fan of the battles, fights and competitions! Show your strength as a team player in a battle against your enemies and win!

Wide Range of Heroes - with this feature you are able to choose the hero who is closely to your taste and the abilities which are valuable for you. King of Wushu consists up to 15 unique characters from the Chinese mythology with different abilities and features.

Graphic Visualization - this feature shows in the details how beautiful is Chinese culture. The whole graphic is made in the Chinese style: buildings, parks, the history and of course characters. By playing in King of Wushu you can explore the China Town and observe terrain.

3D World - despite the amazing graphics, King of Wushu environment is made in 3D, that allows you as a player has a better and realistic view om a game.

Combat System - this feature means that you can use combat system which includes jumping, dogging and using various attack combos. By using it in a strategic thinking you has a higher chance to win your opponent.