Kingdom Wars 2: Battles is a fantasy real-time strategy game which combines Zombie survival, city building, crafting, and siege combat into one fun filled whole. The action takes place in an immense game world populated by thousands of players, where you are free to make your own way or team up with others. Kingdom Wars 2: Battles features all the well-established elements of a fast-paced skirmish strategy game. There`s a competitive multiplayer, full-on siege combat, three truly distinctive races, and of-course a strong singleplayer campaign. Get ready for immersive stories, fast paced and fun siege battles and skirmishes, zombies, and more.

Kingdom Wars 2: Battles Key Features

Alone Or Multiplayer - You can play Kingdom Wars 2: Battles completely alone if you wish; all multiplayer content is optional. However, battling against other players - or alongside them - takes your game to the next level!

Choose Your Race - Take control of Humans, Elves, or Orks. Every aspect of each race is unique, from economics, to base building, to unit roles and tactics, to crafting blueprints and combinations.

Siege Combat - The strategy aspect of the game is based around realistic Medieval siege combat. Build strongholds, offensive and defensive siege weapons, and more, and break down the walls.

Pick Your Strategy - With free base building, intricate stronghold design, realistic siege combat, complex economic model, and dozens of units, players can fight and build their way, from skirmishes to sieges.

Cards Call The Shots - A game alongside the game exists in the form of a deck of cards each player builds, then draws from in battle. The right card at the right time can really turn the tide!

Episodic Storyline - Enjoy a progressive multiplayer story-arc, with story progressing as player fights on. Learn the story behind the bloody battles you fight.

Advance Your Tech - Kingdom Wars 2: Battles features an elaborate tech-tree that takes dozens of hours to complete. As you advance you will find blueprints and combinations for hundreds of items.