Kings and Legends is an incredibly fun, fast−paced fantasy tactical Collectible Card Game by GameSpree. Open booster packs to reveal a variety of cards from 7 different races and build a powerful deck to take to battle. Choose from 1 of 4 unique classes and exploit its unique skill set to your advantage and play−style.

Kings and Legends pits a massive range of creatures and races against one another in an almighty battle for supremacy. Mix n' match your creatures to find the right balance and attack strategy. Each creature's individual abilities can be used to complement another's and make sure the action always remains interesting. Work with your allies in upto 4vs.4 PvP battles and Co-operative Challenges or practice your new Deck-builds in the +100 Stage single-player campaign and the Arena!

Kings and Legends Key Features

Tactical Battle System - The action unfolds across a battlefield 10 spaces wide and multiple lanes thick.You decide how to take the fight to the enemy, will heavily armored units soak up the enemies‘ attacks, or should fast Pegasi soar over the enemies formations?

Collect and Enchant/Combine - Collect Equipment and Cards of various tiers of quality and combine them into something more powerful. Each upgrade gives even more Life, Attack or improvements to abilities. With more than 200 unique cards, there are unlimited strategies to develop and evolve!

Intense Tournaments and Events - Kings and Legends has a huge roster of daily, weekly and monthly tournaments. Bring your gameface, because PvP is the competitive heart of this collectible card game. Big prizes are at stake so choose your cards wisely, work closely with your team−mates and spectate the enemy for weaknesses in their strategy.

Epic Adventures and Battles - Explore an expansive world and overcome challenges for epic upgrades. From dungeons to multilevel towers to challenging boss fights, a wide world of content - and loot - awaits!

Construct a Kingdom - Each Hero gains control of a City which can be leveled up to provide a variety of bonuses both on and off the battlefield.

Sell Or Upgrade Extra Cards - Sell unwanted cards for in−game currency in the Auction House, which you can use to buy cards you do need, or upgrade cards into even more powerful forms in the Alchemy Lab.