KingsAge is a browser based, free to play strategy game set in the Medieval period, and placing you in the role of a king. Only the names of the wisest and most honorable kings are remembered through the ages. Make it your goal to follow their path! Choose to rule your settlement as an honorable commander or as a clever merchant. Hire an army of knights and archers or build a market place to attract merchants from distant countries. Discover new land with your loyal followers and turn them into your counties. Found alliances with other players, for in KingsAge you can only show your true strength together!

KingsAge Key Features

Medieval Era Revisited - Return to the age of kings and castles, of knights and banners in the wind. KingsAge lets you experience the majesty and challenges of being a king in the middle ages.

By The Sword or The Coin - Build a mighty army or outwit your opponents with your shrewd intellect. You can achieve complete military dominance or economic superiority. Which path will you choose for your people? What legacy will you leave behind?

Build Your Kingdom - From deciding which units to focus on to who to trade with, it ain't easy being the king. If you fall too far behind in any single area, your enemies will be quick to take advantage, so plan carefully!