Knight Online is a 3D fantasy PvP-centric MMORPG set in a medieval world and offers both faction-based and guild vs guild PvP. The story in Knight Online centers around an ongoing war between the two rival nations El-Morad and Karus, or more simply known as humans and orcs, who are fighting an ongoing war for control of the world. The PvP in Knight Online is constant and fast paced, but it is not the game's only focus; players will embark on quests in search of treasures to discover and monsters to overcome, upgrade their equipment, and refine their character's skills through experience and customization. Pick a side and charge into battle!

Knight Online Key Features

Fast Paced PvP - Epic player vs player combat is the soul of Knight Online, and players will never have to look far to find it; from PvP zones to guild vs guild wars to huge events like Castle Sieges, PvP is literally everywhere. Take up arms and fight in ranked battles; do well enough and the king himself will reward you with gold and lands!

Equipment Customization - Not only can you customize your character's skills, but in Knight Online, you can customize your gear, too! Players can attempt to upgrade their weapons, armor, and accessories, but doing so comes with some risks; the item may be destroyed in the process!

Build Your Character - Players can build their character and then set about refining and customizing their skills, creating a character with strengths and weaknesses tailored to their individual playstyles. Forge your own path!