Knights Fight, known as TD Frontier for iOS devices, is a free to play mobile tower defense game for Android devices full of cute characters and challenging battles. Demons are invading the realm, and you are a young prince tasked with defending the world from their onslaught! Mobile tower defense games are popular for a reason; they're fun! Collect a team of heroes, monsters, and fighters from a roster of more than 100 different characters, and lead them into the fight. Equip your characters with the best gear to enhance their prowess, and win even more. Face off against other players, challenging monsters, and other challenges. If you're a fan of tower defense type games, particularly those which feature cute graphics and easy controls, Knights Fight might be for you.

Knights Fight Key Features

Build A Team - There are more than 100 different heroes to discover and collect, and more will be added regularly. Build a team of warriors and monsters and lead them into the fight!

Grow And Adapt - As you play, you will tune your teams into lean, mean, tower-defending (or destroying) machines. From growing their skills to discovering the best gear, the only way to go is up.

Fun Battles - Fight against other players in fun battles, or take on monsters in PvE challenges. You can play as casually or competitively as you like.