Koyotl is a free to play browser-based 3D action MMORPG where you take on the role of an animal warrior and set out for adventure. Explore dark caverns filled with strange rock formations and pools of bubbling lava. Wander through beautiful forests and past babbling brooks. Face off against some of the strangest and fiercest monsters ever! As you adventure, you will grow in skills and powers, and your fame and prestige shall rise. Whether you wish to explore the wild, face off against fearsome monsters, or get in the arena and test your mettle against other players, you can do it for free in Koyotl.

Koyotl Key Features

Choose Your Warrior - Step into the fantastic shoes of an animal-themed warrior. You must decide whether you wish to face your opponents in the guise of a raven, badger or bear!

Adventure Awaits - Set off for adventure, through uncharted wilderness and unexplored dungeons. Face off against fearsome monsters and bosses. Win fantastic treasures and powerful weapons. There is no reward without some risk!

Glory And Valor - Get into the arena and challenge your fellow players. Use your skills, potions, and tactics, and win the glory. Exciting battles are never far away in Koyotl.