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Kritika Online Kritika Online Kritika Online Kritika Online Kritika Online

Kritika Online

Kritika Online is a Korean fantasy MMOARPG featuring a unique cel-shaded art style, over-the-top animations and a fast-paced combo system that reinvents traditional rules of play, and which is now available in English! With all of the nonstop action, adventure, and intrigue, Kritika is a must-try for hardcore gamers! The game features a technical combo system that emphasizes rapid yet precise timing, beautifully rendered characters which you can customize with a host of options, and the simple ease of a game that you can play anytime, anywhere. Choose your class, customize your avatar, and begin mastering the fast paced combat; who knows how far you can go?

Kritika Online Key Features

Fast Paced Action Combat – The playstyle in Kritika demands timing, precision, and foresight, and mastering it is no mean feat. Players can choose from a plethora of combat styles ranging from the raw brute power of the Burst Berserker to the agile relentless combos of the Cat Acrobat.

Four Different Classes – Players can choose from four different classes; the Warrior, a dominant and powerful melee fighter, the Rogue, a quick and agile melee combatant, the Mage, a mysterious combatant armed with guns and magic, and the Scyther, a melee combatant who cuts down her foes with her fearsome weapon.

Complete MMO Experience – From crafting items to PvP, to hanging out with guildmates and friends, Kritika Online offers everything you would expect in an MMORPG. There is no shortage of things to do!

Kritika Online

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