Krosmaga is a multiplatform collectible card game where the player embodies a god within a fantasy universe: the Krosmoz. Each deity has their own strengths and weaknesses, their own cards and spells, and their own style of play. To battle their opponents, the player summons creatures, sometimes cute, sometimes terrifying, and charismatic heroes, sometimes also comical, onto the board to engage in epic, Herculean battles! Krosmaga is a game that mixes CCG and tower defense, offers a PvP and dungeon mode, 8 gods and over 500 cards. Players will meet heroes from the film, the popular DOFUS MMO, and the WAKFU animated series. Krosmaga is the card game of the gods, but that doesn't stop Rushu the demon from inviting himself to the party! Are you prepared to stand against him?

Krosmaga Key Features

Choose Your God - Pick from eight gods, all with unique strengths. Will you be Iop, the God of War and Bravery? Perhaps you're more drawn to Cra, the goddess of archery?

PvP And More - Face off against players from around the world. Can you build the best decks, use the best tactics, and become the greatest of gods?

Become A God - The rules of the game are simple enough for mere mortals to understand. Becoming a god is sooner done than said! Unleash your powers on the battlefield!

All The Heroes - Take control of the heroes from the games DOFUS and WAKFU, as well as from the mangas, animated series, and even the film DOFUS - Book I: Julith!