Krosmaster Arena brings the action of the popular Krosmasters miniatures boardgame to your PC, smartphone or tablet in this colorful, fast paced new free to play strategy MOBA! Based on the popular range of figurines used to play the Krosmaster boardgame, Krosmaster Arena mixes strategy and action. Gathered together from across space and time, these tiny heroes are waiting for you to lead them to victory, and you don't want to let them down! Build your team of characters from an ever-expanding roster of fighters and face off against players from all over the world, and become master of the legendary sci-fi battle arena known as the Krosmoz!

Krosmaster Arena Game Features

Many Modes, One Mission - Krosmaster Arena features a Campaign mode to adventure through, a Tournament mode to participate in and rise through the ranks, a Head to Head mode so you can battle your friends, and coming soon, a Dungeon mode! No matter the mode, you must use strategy and skill to fight your way through!

More Than 100 Figurines To Collect - All of your favorite characters from the Krozmaster boardgame are here and the range is expanded on a regular basis, and if you own the physical figurines for the boardgame, you can redeem the code packaged with them to activate them in the online game! You can also unlock new figurines through online play!

Different Environments - In Krosmaster Arena, you can face off against your opponents in six different environments, each with a unique set of tactical possibilities.