Kungfu Online is a free to play browser MMORPG set in an enchanted land of colorful characters, unfathomable mystics, old masters, and nonstop kungfu action! Travel to Cloudsville and begin your journey to become a kung-fu legend; in Kungfu Online, you will find no shortage of rival fighters, dangerous challenges, and unexplored locations to strengthen yourself and hone your skills. Compete against other characters in arena battles and tournaments, and cement your claim to fame as the most skilled of all fighters. In Kungfun Online, solve puzzles, overcome challenges, and grow in spirit and skill, and become a true Kung-Fu master!

Kungfu Online Key Features

Master And Pupil System - A unique master and pupil system in Kungfu Online allows a fighter who has defeated another to take him or her as a pupil, and earn bonus experience as the student trains. The more powerful and skilled you become, the more pupils you can take!

Instance Areas - Players of sufficiently high skill level can enter special instances to challenge the most dangerous opponents... and seek the most valuable rewards! If regular instances have become too easy for you, jump into an Elite instance for even tougher challenges and greater rewards!

Get The Gear - Customize your character's costume to enhance their abilities, and then add gems and stars to your equipment to gain even greater power!

PvP and PvE - Players in Kungfu Online can participate in several types of PvE content, ranging from simple tasks and chain tasks to dangerous instances, or they can challenge other players in arena matches or ranked tournaments!