La Tale is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG with classic 2D side-scrolling action. The game features over 40 character classes, each with unique skills and weapons. There are near-endless character customization options, pets, crafting, guilds, and much more! Welcome to the world of La Tale! Be part of an exciting story that unfolds all around you, while choosing your own unique path! Journey across strange and beautiful lands, full of mystery, sorcery, swords, science, art, music, and much more. Uncover the tale of Iris Livier, and begin your tale now! Be who you wish and go where you like. Whatever you choose to do, adventure and excitement await!

La Tale Key Features

Character Options - Choose from over 40 different classes. Unlock a wide range of skills to develop your playstyle. Customize your character's appearance with near-endless options. Level up to Lv.200 while choosing your stat & skill progression. Be who you want to be!

Epic Adventure Awaits - Battle huge bosses either solo or with others. Explore two giant worlds with secret areas full of treasure and danger. Raise unique pets with unique skills. And all of this is updated regularly (usually two updates per month!)

Play With Friends - Join a guild & work together to increase bonuses. Battle other players in PvP & raise your ranking. Craft unique equipment, accessories, and more, and then open you own shop to sell your goods to other players. Participate in special events to win spectacular prizes!ActA