Labyrinth is a new take on both tactical RPGs and traditional collectible card game (CCG) type games, in which players assemble their heroes, build their decks, and dive into 3D dungeons to compete in player vs. player raids. You can use your offense deck to assault another player's dungeon, or you can design and customize your defense deck with cards that represent traps, monsters, bosses, and other challenges, and fight against players who try and attack your dungeon! Your party of heroes wields potent items and magic, but so do the heroes who work for your enemies... will you be able to assault other's dungeons and protect your own? Will you come to prefer offense, or defense? Will you master the intricacies and quirks of this unique blend of RPG and CCG, of action and strategy, and conquer all who oppose you?

Labyrinth Key Features

Adventure - Assemble your team of heroes, equip them with plenty of weapons and magic, and send them out to assault the enemy's dungeons! To the victor go the spoils!

Strategy - Build your deck from a vast and growing array of cards to focus on your preferred strategy and playstyle. Will you prefer overwhelming force, or something with more finesse?

Build - Design your own dungeons, enlist bosses and place fearsome traps, and present challenges to other players' hero teams. Can you defend against all comers?

Dominate - Overwhelm your enemies' defenses, protect your own dungeons, and destroy all who would oppose you!

Create - Players can break down unwanted cards to get stardust and gold, which you can use to purchase or create new cards; you're never "stuck" with an unwanted card.