Landmark is a fantasy sandbox MMORPG which puts the players in control of the world itself. Landmark is a world shaped by the passion, talent, and ambition of its players. Explore and impact the world around you. Spark your creativity alongside a community where everyone has a chance to share something memorable.

Welcome to the place where creativity is power! As a powerful Luminary, you have the ability to mold landscapes and turn imagination into reality. Use your powers of inspiration to create your own story in this world, from a monster-plagued dungeon, to an intricate spaceship, or the house of your dreams. If you can dream it, you can build it! Along the way, you’ll meet other Luminaries eager to team up to build shared creations, battle monsters, or enjoy interactive experiences that you have designed. The possibilities are endless here, so establish your site, fire up your imagination, and get ready to create!

NOTE: Landmark shut down in February 2017.

Landmark Key Features

Build It - Build anything you can imagine. With Landmark's state of the art tools, you have unprecedented control over your creations. A massive variety of materials with realistic physics means that how you build will influence what you build.

Explore It - Explore massive worlds and claim territory, building materials and much more. See what your fellow players have created — and help them build! Share, inspire, collaborate, and build something better than ever.

Search It - The rarest resources, objects, gear and secrets are scattered across the worlds of Landmark! Can you find everything? Venture out into the world in search of materials, recipes, and props.