Lands of Lords is a free to play browser based strategy MMO which lets you manage lands, build towns and cities, and eventually forge your own kingdom in a shared persistent world. Enter this Medieval world and manage your holdings, oversee the construction of structures and settlements, and build and train your armies. What you do with your lands, armies, and holdings is up to you. Will you become a powerful warlord, and conquer your neighbors? Will you follow a more diplomatic and economic path, and acquire greatness through trade? Land of lords is completely free to play; you can even browse the world as a spectator. Come build your legacy today!

Lands of Lords Key Features

Deep Strategic Gameplay - Manage everything from macro to micro levels. Decide what to build when, and also be sure to keep your citizens happy. Your citizens agree to work for you in return for a wage; you owe it to them to do your best. Manage finances, resources, and units, and make sure things run smoothly.

Build Your Domain - Settle your lands and determine exactly what is built where, what is used how. You have ultimate control! Choose where to settle, but be careful; a place with plentiful resources is also likely to have plentiful enemies.

Prepare To Fight - In Lands of Lords, your neighbors will gladly expand their realms. The easiest way to do that is for them to conquer your lands! Be prepared to fight off would-be attackers, or even expand your kingdom by carving off a chunk of someone else's!