Laser League is a fast-paced, intense team action game set in a science fiction sports arena reminiscent of the combat scenes in Tron. Battle against the enemy team for control of all important nodes; these nodes bathe the arena in deadly light, and to control them is to control the fight! Evade the enemy's attack beams, and outthink, outfight, and outblast your opponents. Victory - or defeat - in Laser League is never certain until the game is over. Special defensive and offensive abilities can turn the tide of a battle if you time them just right, and game-changing power ups can appear on the arena floor without warning. Every second, every blast, every movement, you'd best be quick, or you'll be dead!

Laser League Key Features

Create Your Player - Choose your class from one of six classes; Smash, Thief, Ghost, Shock, Blade, and Snipe. Every class brings unique skills and strengths to your team. The team that chooses the best combination of classes for a given match, and uses their skills to best advantage, is sure to be the winner!

Intense Gameplay - Play in intense 4 vs 4 matches both on and offline in three different stadiums, and with 10 different laser maps. Powerups, special abilities, and simply unpredictable gameplay guarantee the game is thrilling to the final second!

Customize Your Appearance - Begin by choosing a character model from more than sixty diverse characters, representing a number of different sponsors. As you level up, you'll unlock more than 200 different appearance customizations. Stand out from the crowd!