Last Chaos is a 3D Fantasy MMORPG that boasts amazing visuals and animations, and an innovative Player-vs-Player Environment. Last Chaos also features a number of other tried and true MMORPG elements, such as the ability to transform your pet into a mount, master varied crafting options, or choose from nine different classes! Explore this medieval fantasy world, and discover the secrets of the war-torn continent of Iris! Master your class by choosing a class specialization and become a hero. Explore dungeons, train pets, meet new friends from all over the world, and do all of it for free.

Last Chaos Key Features

Active Community - Find new friends in an active community, battle other players and even become a castle lord. Join other players in one of the many community events organized by the community team!

Class Variety - Nine playable classes, with each having two different specializations, allows for lots of diversity.

Pet To Mount System - Collect pets and train them up. Train them enough, and they will become mounts! Ride in style!

Crafting System - Craft loads of different types of items. Three different categories of items can be made; go find the resources and make them!

High Level Cap - With a level limit of 184, players can continually grow their and fine tune their characters and gear.

Guardian System - A master/apprentice sort of system, the Guardian System allows older players to help new ones, making the game much more accessible!

Ten Years Strong - A loyal community and solid gameplay have kept the game moving forward for ten years. Come find out why!