Last Empire War Z is a bestselling mobile and browser-based MMORTS and survival game set in a world reeling from a zombie apocalypse. Most of the people on Earth have mutated into horrible, flesh-eating zombies. Survivors must protect themselves by banding together and building strong fortifications. However, not all of the living are to be trusted; many will kill or rob you at any chance. Only by building a strong fortress and raising a band of well-trained soldiers can you hope to bring order to this land. In this land where the living are even more dangerous than the undead, it is survival of the fittest; are you fit?

Last Empire War Z Key Features

Build And Fight - Build your forces and your fortress, and then play alongside and against players from all over the world. Communicate with players from all over the world who speak different languages. Cooperate with your fellow countrymen or join a strong international alliance.

Hero Or Villain - Whether you want to be the hero who saves mankind or the villain who destroys it, you can do so. As you grow and build your resources, you will become more and more ready to fight for world domination. Will you rule the world with order and compassion, or crush all who oppose you with an iron hand?

Zombies Abound - In addition to being an endless horde of flesh hungry enemies, you can also train zombies to do your bidding. There are dozens of different zombies available, and all of them are ready and able to do your dirty work... provided they get something to eat in the bargain.