LawBreakers is a fast paced 5-vs-5 first person Arena Shooter that takes place in a sci-fi setting of altered gravity, cybernectics, and high-tech combat. The story is set in the future on Earth, the moon has been destroyed and the earths gravity has been effected by it. In a society where people use performance enhancing drugs and technology to battle each other, the ones with the best aiming and jumping skills will survive! Prepare to break all of the laws, including the laws of physics, as you shoot, jump, and fight your way to the top!

LawBreakers Key Features

Take Control of the Arena - In this fast paced first person shooter the arenas are more than just beautiful surroundings. Use your environment to the fullest and be the one controlling the battlefield!

Unique Characters - Each character has its own super power, their own movement ability, and unique size. Some characters have more hit points than others but will lack in some other area. Choose wisely!

Weapons - Each character has two weapons and each of these weapons have a primary and a alternative fire. The characters also have grenades or something similar and are able to kick. There are guns that can be picked up and guns that are specific to your character. Use all the weapons available!

Gravity - The gravity on earth is not constant; there are low gravity zones where players can jump much higher than normal. Grappling hooks and special jumps make people less predictable and adds something unique to the first person shooter table!

Team Based Shooter Like No Other - Teams will have to perform well together and get used to the abilities of their team, but also that of their enemies. Work together to find the best tactics.