Lazarus is a top-down, action oriented sci-fi sandbox MMORPG from developer Spilt Milk Studios, with a persistent world covering 160,000 square kilometers. Described by the developer as “...a tumultuous ‘MMO Roguelike’ that turns back in on itself every week like some kind of ultra-futuristic Ouroboros,” Lazarus lets players forage, explore space, develop advanced new technologies and dogfight each other as they try to survive in the game’s immense universe! Take off into space in your own spaceship, and choose your own path; whether you are an explorer, a pirate, a trader, or anything else is all up to you.

Lazarus Key Features

Immense Open World - A huge sandbox world, spanning more than 160,000 square kilometers - that's the size of North Korea, all - ensures you will never run out of places to explore and new sights to see!

Roguelike Gameplay - Go where you want and do what you want; Roguelike gameplay ensures that your decisions matter!

Spaceships, Spaceships, Spaceships! - The heart of Lazarus is exploring space, dogfighting in space, upgrading your ship, and in general, doing stuff in space! Are you ready for the final frontier?

Free To Play - Experience the fun and excitement of Lazarus without spending a dime! What have you got to lose?