League of Angels: Fire Raiders is a free-to-play mobile fantasy strategy MMO card game featuring countless action-packed game modes such as cross-server arena battles, team dungeons, unique PVE and PVP modes and plenty of mini games! League of Angels: Fire Raiders has over a hundred available heroes and angels, be sure to unlock the perfect ones for you. Train them and enhance their weapons in order to become the strongest player in your server! Build a mighty team of heroes, guided by a beautiful angel, and take your league on a journey where you will be pitted against evil forces, mighty bosses and other players. United Through Fire, your heroes will prove to be the most loyal companions you could ever ask for. The Angels, beautiful and protective, will do their best to protect them all along the way.

League of Angels: Fire Raiders Key Features

Choose Wisely - The choices you make will have a huge impact on how you do in the game. There are many choices to make, beginning with which Heroes or Angels to recruit. Each team is unique, so finding the perfect combination will be the first step in forging a path towards victory.

Be Unique - There are many options when it comes to leveling up, learning skills, and upgrading equipment, making your team unique!

Veni Vidi Victory! - Choose your own winning strategy! In order to allow players to customize their tactics at will, they have the option to pick their heroes and angel formation before every battle, thus ensuring that every player has the chance to choose the perfect strategy when it really matters!