League of Angels, also known as LoA, is a dynamic free to play, turn-based strategy browser MMORPG set in a fantasy world of angels, magic, and heroes. Join thousands of players in a quest to fight evil, free imprisoned Angels, and become a legendary hero! You are placed in command of a team of heroes, and you must train them, prepare them for combat in the massive PvP arenas, and craft items for them to increase their battle prowess. Create the character you want with many different types of customizable details, clothing and accessories, and mount options. Level up your character and pursue victory!

League Of Angels Key Features

Heroes - Players can unlock dozens of different heroes, all with different skills and attributes. Equip your heroes, level up, and improve your skills. You are free to choose which heroes you want in your battle formation; placement and team composition are critical!

Angels - In addition to heroes, each of your battle formations may contain one angel. Angels become very powerful when leveled up, and the greatly enhance your battle formations with their powers. There are many angels awaiting discovery and rescue, each with their own unique powers and skills!

Immersive Story Mode - The story takes place in a mythical lands of Etheria where angels used to rule and protect the world from darkness. The Dark Lord has declared the end of times for gods and kingdom of light and imprisoned the angels. It is left to humanity to rise up and help the angels gain back their power.

Play With Friends - Team up with your friends to form powerful guilds or play head to head against one another! League of Angels features cross-server PvP, so you won’t have to create a new character just to play with your buddy who happens to be on a different server.

The Arena - There are many different types of arena battle modes to choose from. Enjoy 3v3 arena battles, 5v5 King of the Hill, and 10v10 Capture the Flag.