League of Legends: Wild Rift is the mobile spinoff of legendary MOBA League of Legends. The title was built from scratch to suit mobile devices. Meaning this tailor-made experience feels silky smooth. And the positive reception it has received speaks dividends.

The gameplay is strikingly similar to its PC predecessor so fans of the original should feel right at home. Teams of 5v5 are tasked with destroying their opponents’ Nexus. Each player can lock in their champion from a colourful cast, and deploy strategies in tandem with their fellow champions to clinch victory.

Wild Rift is free-to-play, with casual and competitive gameplay modes to suit all kinds of playstyles. Matches are quicker than its PC counterpart to suit the on-the-go nature of mobile. Plus, Wild Rift is staunchly against pay-to-win, and has already begun its foray into the esports realm.

League of Legends: Wild Rift Key Features

A Familiar Catalogue of Champions - Over 40 (and counting) champions comprise the Wild Rift roster, drawn from some of LoL’s favourites. Whether players choose to go gung-ho with Jinx, rain bullets from afar with Miss Fortune, or lend a huge helping hand with Blitzcrank, there’s a champion to suit any playstyle.

Sleek Mobile Rendition - Shorter matches are made possible through smaller maps, higher gold gain and shorter resuscitation and regeneration time. Meaning players can grab a quick fix wherever they may be. Intuitive Controls also lend themselves readily to a mobile screen. Which allows for total immersion despite its portable size.

A Choice of Game Modes - Such as the titular Wild Rift and the unpredictable ARAM. Wild Rift plays out like LoL itself, with two teams of five hashing it out to destroy the oppositions base. Whilst in ARAM mode, the team sizes remain the same, but the champions are randomly chosen and the battlefield is reduced, with no jungle area, top or lower rout and no dragon or baron quest.