Legacy of Queens is a free to play browser-based fantasy MMORPG where you fight and adventure for the glory of a powerful queen. In the world of Legacy of Queens, warrior queens need your help and are willing to give you their blessing to receive it. Choose one of the three game classes: a knight, a ranger or an assassin. Complete tasks and quests, from dark dungeons to PvP arenas, and grow in power as you do so. Collect a team of mighty warriors as you adventure, and lead them into battle. Above all, fight, win, and bring glory to your Queen!

Legacy Of Queens Key Features

Create Your Hero - Choose your class from three choices; the powerful Knight, the wily Ranger, and the deadly Assassin. Then, increase in combat power, customize your appearance, and stake your claim in the world.

Glory And Blessings Await - Explore dungeons, enter PvP battles, destroy powerful bosses and become the best of the best. Prove you are worthy of the Queen's affection and blessings in special mini-games. Stand out!

Create Your Squad - As you explore, you will build a team of warriors, wizards, angels, and more. You might even be able to convince one of the warrior queens to join your side. Lead them into battle!

Delightful Gameplay - Simple but delightful graphics and colorful illustrations help deliver a light-hearted and enjoyable game experience for all. Legacy of Queens is fun for players of all types.