Legend of Gods is a free to play browser-based strategy game that combines turn-based strategy elements with RPG quests and exploration. The fantasy world of Legend of Gods is a bleak and unhappy place, a land torn asunder by an ongoing war between humans and the undead. You must grow a strong fortress and civilization from the humblest of beginnings, stockpiling resources, building fortifications, and training troops until you command an empire capable of facing the undead hordes head on. Explore the vast world, challenge other players to battles, and master the strategies and tactics in turn based combat!

Legend Of Gods Key Features

Turn-Based - Legend of Gods features a turn based combat system, allowing players plenty of time to plan their moves and maneuvers; as every move can change the outcome of a battle, a wise leader will carefully consider all choices before deciding on one!

RPG Elements - Your hero is the most important unit in your army. Send them on quests for wealth and items, fight monsters and bosses, and take an active role in all parts of the game, from construction to battles!

A True Strategy Game - Legend of Gods provides all those components of a strategy game which strategy fans demand; manage resources, build fortifications and units, and take part in epic battles!