Legend of Junior is a free to play Chinese Wuxia themed browser MMOARPG featuring romance, martial arts, magic, and battles. Wuxia is all about high flying martial arts, epic battles for honor, and high romance, and you will experience all of that and more. Travel to secluded ancient cities and hidden fairy islands, and discover their secrets. Fight in fearsome battles for the future of the world, and drive back that which threatens peace. Become a master of the martial arts and use your prowess to defeat your enemies. If you're a fan of high Wuxia fantasy, Chinese mythology, and action RPGs, Legend of Junior is right up your alley.

Legend Of Junior Key Features

Choose Your Path - You can play as the fire-wielding hero or the frost bringing Heroine. Both are masters of the blade, and can defeat their opponents with a wide array of single target and AOE attacks.

Upgrade Away- Your skills are the most important weapon in your travels. By using them, they will grow in power and eventually be upgradeable. Be sure to upgrade your equipment whenever possible too!

Loads To Do - From joining a guild to collecting helpful attendants, Legend of Junior offers an array of in game activities. Join a guild, participate in PvP, ride a mount into battle, and enjoy special in game events.

Play Together - Legend of Junior delivers an interactive social world for its players. You can hang out and chat with friends, participate in guild activities, or even get married if you find that special someone.