Legend of Silkroad is a free to play action MMORPG which immerses the players into a fantastic version of 7th Century Central Asia, at a time when the Silk Road was a vital pathway for trade and commerce connecting Europe, the middle East, and Asia. Players in Legend of Silkroad step into the role of merchants and traders who travel the Silk Road in search of fortune, the mercenaries that those traders hire to protect their caravans, or even the bandits who wait along the Road, eager to prey on those merchants and make off with their valuables? Get ready for a unique MMORPG experience, set in a fascinating time and place!

Legend Of Silkroad Key Features

Fantastic Setting - Legend of Silkroad delivers a fun and unique meld of Western and Eastern fantasy, from Greek Mythology to 1001 Arabian Nights. Players experience this blend of cultures and legends through the quests they undertake, their interactions with others, and the environment!

Versatile Character Creation - Characters may be from Rome, Persia, or China, and may be customized through a progressive skill system! Live the life of the ancient world your way.

Loads Of PvP - From caravan battles and arena modes, to guild wars and duels, Legend of Silkroad offers no shortage of ways to earn fortune and glory by taking it from others! Fight for the glory of Rome, Persia, or China!