Legends of Aria, formerly known as Shards Online, is a moddable online sandbox MMORPG which is heavily inspired by games like Ultima Online. Legends of Aria breaks away from the typical modern MMO conventions of levels, classes, and nonstop quest grinds, and instead focuses on creation of a living, open world where stories emerge naturally as players explore and adventure. Legends of Aria will launch with several different rule-sets, ranging from a set with well balanced gameplay, to one with a hardcore PvP battle focus, and even one ruleset featuring permanent character death! Players will even be able to create shards of their own, and set their own rules.

Legends of Aria Key Features

Freeform Character Development - Characters have no class or level; character creation and advancement is skill based, allowing you complete control over your character's strengths and weaknesses. Pick and choose what you want to focus on, from combat to crafting to taming wild animals!

Open World, Open Choices - From crafting a house, to the ability to employ NPCs to complete day to day tasks for you, to simply exploring the huge open world, players have loads of freedom and choices. You do what you do, when you wish, where you wish; the different rules sets ensure everyone can find a Shard to their liking, and play as they wish

Good Old Loot - One of the best things about an MMO is finding sweet loot; Legends of Aria ensures that there are plenty of weapons, armor, and gear for players to seek out and claim!

Many Worlds, Many Shards - Players may host their own shards, and shards will feature settings of all different genres. Explore, or create, or destroy, as you see fit!