Legends of Honor is a free to play browser MMO strategy game in which players must not only be shrewd military strategists, but must also be skilled diplomats and civil planners; after all, success on the battlefield means little if the economy of your kingdom lies in ruin as a result! Players align themselves with one of three factions in this war-torn fantasy world and then must build their castles, recruit and train their soldiers, and forge alliances with other players to crush their enemies on the battlefield and ensure the prosperity of their house. However, solid strategic planning must be backed up with sound tactical decision making; in Legends of Honor, speed of execution matters, and players must be prepared to act decisively and quickly. Build your castle, manage your resources, and train your forces, for only the bravest and wisest can hope to become a Legend of Honor!

Legends Of Honor Key Features

Heroes Lead The Charge - Unlock heroes to lead your armies into battle. A powerful hero at the head of your forces can mean victory instead of defeat.

Forge Your Alliances - Team up with other players from around the world to crush your enemies in PvP scenarios.

Ruler Of The House - Build and customize your castle - A skilled ruler must be prepared to lead the attack and weather any siege!

In Search of Adventure - Explore the countryside and wilderness for treasures to win and foes to vanquish!

Tactical Planning Matters - Take advantage of terrain features and positioning to secure a position of strength in battle - or to force your enemies into a position of weakness.