Legion of Heroes is a free-to-play mobile fantasy turn-based arena combat game published by Nexon and available on Android. The game offers full 3D turn-based combat and great artwork. Compete against other players in the Hero Battle Mode or Coliseum Mode. You can also join with a party to attempt the Tower of Chaos. Legend of Heroes is an epic tale of heroes who have set off to foil Sovereign of Darkness Rideran's scheme to put the world in to chaos. Players will encounter a variety of heroes on the journey or as a companion after a friendly battle, and players will have an option to choose which hero they will use to combine and grow to accomplish upcoming missions.

This mobile MMORPG allows you to connect with online friends for some good old guild quests and raids – allowing up to 45 people/characters in a guild. With your guild you take on the heavy hitting bosses or go on PvP with other guilds. Unlike other MMORPGs, the game takes the turn-based combat style rather than the more random hack-and-slash.

Legion Of Heroes Key Features

Heroes - Recruit an army of heroes to fight for honor and glory. Each hero has unique strengths and abilities, and with an ever-growing roster of heroes to choose from, the possible combinations for your team are endless! Train your heroes through fusion, evolution and battle until you have the ultimate fighting team at your fingertips.

Explore - Take a journey through a diverse and beautiful world unlike any ever seen in a mobile game.

**Hero Wars -**Field your armies and prepare for battle! When you're not logged into the game, your forces with battle with other players to bring home gold, experience and bragging rights.

Coliseum - Duke it out with other players in Legion of Heroes' PvP arena! Win glorious battles and return to your camp with loot and honor. Brute force isn't enough- you'll need strategy and cunning to dominate your opponents in the Coliseum.

Chaos Tower - Challenge the tower and prove you're the stuff of legends! On each floor of the tower you'll find a small army of monsters to slay and a trove of treasure to loot. Whether you want to solo it or battle side-by-side with your friends, the Chaos Tower promises glory and riches!

Get Friendly - Make new friends in-game or import your friends from Facebook. Friendship isn't just for show- you can send your heroes to help them in battle, and get some help from them in return.

For Guild and Glory - Form a guild of mighty adventurers and battle for dominance against your rivals. As your guild conquers resources, you'll earn valuable orichalcum, a magical ore that can elevate your weapons and armor up to greater and greater levels.