Let's Fish is a free to play browser-based and mobile fishing simulation game that lets you try your luck at fishing in beautiful locations all around the world, from white sandy beaches to high mountain lakes. Let's Fish was developed by online gaming and fishing enthusiasts with the goal of creating the world's best fishing simulation. With more than 50 million players from all around the world, they seem to have succeeded! Let's Fish is more than just standing on the bank watching a bobber, it is a full fishing experience that lets you collect gear, explore lots of places, meet and fish with - or against - other players, and much more. Experience the fun of fishing around the whole world, right in your browser!

Let's Fish Key Features

Loads Of Locations - Discover more than 60 realistic fishing locations from all around the Earth. Fish in a peaceful lake in Europe, a lazy river in Asia, or on a white sand beach in the Pacific!

Extremely Diverse Fish - Let's Fish features more than 600 different species of fish, from catfish to tuna to pike, to exotic species like tiger sharks and barracuda!

Professional Equipment - The best rods, proper reels, hooks, lines, lures, baits and more will help you win those championships. Tough fish deserve tough gear!

Fishing Events - Monthly rotating fishing competitions keep gameplay dynamic, and ensure there's always more to do! With ranked tiers, every fisher can compete, from novices to master anglers.

Rivalry And Ranking - Taking place in ranked events will earn you points. Climb through the ranks and you'll win cups, gear, virtual currency, and other great prizes.